Kansas State Commissioner of Education visits Stanton County

Posted Date: 01/19/2017

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On November 3rd, Dr. Randy Watson, State Commissioner of Education, and Sally Cauble, State School Board Member visited Stanton County Schools.   They were welcomed by the staff and student body with a red carpet and Trojan attire.   

Dr. Watson addressed the K-12 student body, then met with the Jr./Sr. High students for a more in-depth talk about planning for the future.  During that talk, he discussed the new thought process that the Kansas Board of Education and his office is taking, to make certain high school graduates are more prepared for college and/or careers after high school graduation based on their personal goals.

After school, Dr. Watson and Mrs. Cauble met with a select group of students and board members for a question and answer session then extended their stay by joining students and administrative team for ice cream at the Old Store.  A special thank you to Diane Floyd for hosting the group and providing ice cream!