From the Desk of Mrs. Novack - Cheers

Posted Date: 04/19/2017

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                As a school superintendent, it is exciting to be a “cheerleader” for Stanton County Schools!  Whenever a neighbor, patron, or someone new to town asks me about the district, it is very easy to think of a long list of items.  First of all, the students make my day, every day!  I think they are the best students I have had the privilege to work with in my thirty-three years of public education!  As a whole, they are polite and respectful, qualities go a long way in getting and keeping employment once they graduate!  The students are fun and very involved in activities.  They are hard-working and usually give us their best effort.

                The next group that comes to mind to compliment is the staff.  Research shows that if you have outstanding teachers and support staff, you will have a GREAT school.  I believe we have a fantastic staff!  They always put students first in their decision-making, use data to drive decisions, and they enjoy the students they work with each day.  Stanton County is a great place to be!

                 The third and very important group to say “Thank You” to is the Board of Education.  If you read the school board minutes, you know we have a dedicated, hard-working, thought-provoking Board of Education who ALWAYS put students first in every decision.  Below is a list of items that come to mind that our Board of Education, teachers, students, administration, support staff, parents, and patrons can be proud of:

  • Stanton County Elementary School won the inaugural National Reading Horizon Award 2016 for outstanding achievement in reading instruction and learning!
  • Stanton County Junior/Senior High School offers a long list of pathways of study that include: Health Science, Teaching/Training, Business Entrepreneurship & Management, AV Communications, Visual Arts, Manufacturing, Construction & Design, Family, Community, and Consumer Services, and Comprehensive Agricultural Science.
  • Stanton County has recently been awarded several grants.  Co-Teaching was implemented in 2016-2017 and continues to thrive and grow.  Foundations of Safe and Civil Schools by researcher, Randy Sprick, will unify our relationship-building and student management procedures as all K-12 staff receive formal training over the next three years…for FREE!  The benefits for our students and staff of winning and implementing these grants is immeasurable!
  • Competitive athletic programs and activities across the spectrum, from our State Cross Country Champion, Rebecca Avelar, to having record-breaking numbers of junior high track participants; from initiating a Stanton County High School FFA Chapter to winning the High Plains League Junior High Quiz Bowl Championship!  Our teams, clubs, and organizations make us proud as they represent our school district.  The school board meetings begin with Awards and Recognitions to focus on the most important aspect of our district- Student and Staff SUCCESSES!
  • We are moving forward with Kansas Individual Plans of Study to assist students in making career choices that match their interests, skills, and talents.
  • Our Fine Arts Programs are top-notch, often opening doors for scholarships to junior colleges across the state.
  • The Board of Education and administration continue to make fiscally-responsible decisions that enable us to renovate and maintain our older buildings, and continue to provide an excellent and safe learning environment in this era of education funding cuts from the State.  The largest capital outlay projects and purchases from 2015-2017 include:  new HVAC systems, lighting, all new windows and ceilings in the elementary school.  The district installed safety and security cameras throughout the district.  For the transportation department, a new 10-passenger van was added to the fleet.   Students also contributed to the district advancements under the direction of Mr. Seger by building a duplex.
  • Our district has innovative programs, such as the Grow Your Own Administrator Program.  Over the past two years, the Board of Education has supported the transition of building leadership from building principals with many years of experience to exemplary teachers with the desire to be the next building principals.  The district appreciates your continued support of our school leaders as fully implement the Grow Your Own Administrator Program next year.  The district also publicly thanks Mr. Bob Homer for sharing his vast knowledge of the building principal roles and duties to help Ms. Sonja Gayer, Mrs. Andrea Jones, and Mr. Trevor Siebert assume their new roles and duties. 
  • Finally, and hugely important, we believe we work with the most supportive parents around!  Thank you for demonstrating your support of the school district by communicating directly with the teachers, coaches, support staff, and administrators.  Through open, two-way communication, and following the chain of command, we can listen and understand other perspectives, while making every attempt to solve problems and resolve issues.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with your children on a daily basis!