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Stanton County Elementary receives Charlotte Lockhart Award for Excellence in Literacy Education




PreK Tea Party
PRE-K had a "Fancy Dress Tea Party" while learning the letter T. They learned about table manners, and had to set their tables for the event. They thought it was "the best day ever!!" ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 04/04/2017
Source Page: Elementary News

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Valentine's Day Cards for Troops
Stanton County Elementary students made Valentine's Day cards to send to the 1-179th Thunderbird reserves who are stationed in the Ukraine.   ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 02/20/2017
Source Page: Elementary News

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Math in Real Life by Susanna Yust
  As I gave fluids to my daughter, Clara, late one night, I realized I was holding a bag of math in the palm of my hand.  I quickly began typing up an assessment piece that was relevant to the ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 02/07/2017
Source Page: Elementary News

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Madison Seyb wins with javelin.
The winner of the 2017 Stanton County Spelling Bee is Madison Seyb.  Her championship word was javelin. The bee had 28 participants from grades 3-8 and lasted 16 rounds.  It was nip and tuck as ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 01/26/2017
Source Page: Elementary News

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Elementary School Receives Charlott F. Lockhart Award
Mrs. Novack publicly recognized the efforts of the entire elementary staff on providing exemplary reading instruction to the students. Robyn Kendrick and Kyla Cook were thanked for taking leadership ... [read full article]
Posted Date: 01/27/2017
Source Page: Elementary News

Teacher Creed

I am a teacher.

 I lead by example and believe every child can learn.

 I will teach  each class to the best of my ability.

I am dedicated and responsible for creating the learning environment each child needs.

I realize that education today is not about what I have taught but about what my students have learned.

 I will strive to build a good rapport with my students.

I will create an environment where students respect each other.

I set high expectations for my students and myself.

I cherish every student. I make a difference every day.

 I am a teacher. 

Student Creed

I am a Stanton County Elementary School Student. 

I stand straight and tall.  Be proud of who you are. 

I’m smart, I’m cool, I’m a super star.         

I will respect and appreciate the teachers and staff.

I will never bully another. I will make someone happier today.

I accept the responsibility for my behavior and its results.

              I have great expectations for myself. 

I accept the challenge to become the best that I can be.

With my family and teachers,

I will determine what I will become.

For the education I receive today will make me a leader of tomorrow.