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2020 Math Competition – Full Results

Posted Date: 01/30/2020

Congratulations to all the students that participated in the Math Competition January 29th at Meade.

Students from the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grades went with Ms. Lanning and Mr. Mirabal to compete.

The 5th grade won 1st overall.

Individual results are below:
Landry Waldron(5th gr): 10th place Geometry & 9th  place Problem Solving

Kynzi Fehringer(5th gr): 6th place Mental Math, 5th place Geometry,& 3rd place Problem Solving

Hannah Canny(5th gr): 10th place Problem solving & 7th place geometry

Isabella Muro(5th gr): 9th place Mental Math, 1st place Geometry, & 1st place Problem Solving

Karlee Nairn (6th gr): 8th place Problem Solving

Anthony Martinez (7th gr): 10th place Mental Math

Luis Rodriguez (7th gr): 8th place Mental Math & 8th place Problem Solving

Caleb Snook (7th gr): 9th place Problem Solving

Kenzington Nairn (7th gr): 8th place Problem Solving

Madison Seyb(8th gr): 8th place Problem Solving.

Other participants: Avery Scott, Aurora Walker, Karla Bautista, Lauren Canny, Brandon Robles, and Edgar Rodriguez.


Math contest

Math contest