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Cross County Syracuse 10/2- Maddison Seyb

Posted Date: 10/19/2021


As a runner you don't always run your best, you will have days when you don't run as well as you liked and there are days where you are exceeding your own expectations. There can be teams or runners who will be better than you and there can be discouragement felt. You never know when one of these days will come and just have to try your hardest and push through the race. This week's meet was at Syracuse and our teams found some of those competitors and teams had a tougher day.

It was stormy and drizzling at the start for the junior high races.  All of the girls ran together with Birdie Batterton, Hannah Canny, and Kynzi Fehringer back to back with a few runners in between each. Anoura Keen was just a little ways back with Rylee Polzin and Daisy Ruiz running together next. Then came Sarai Rodriguez right behind the two.  Our first runner of the day, finishing in 4th with a time of 18:10 was Birdie, then at a 18:32 for 5th was Hannah. At 9th place and a 19:54, Kynzi came through while Anoura finished at 21:11 and 14th. All four of these girls being 7th graders, but our next two girls were 8th graders, Rylee placing 15th and Daisy taking 16th.  Rylee had a time of 24:17 and exactly two minutes behind Daisy had a 26:17. A 7th grader Sarai, our final girl runner came in at 26:07 and placed 18th.


In the damp weather, the boys started off, with Calan Sims near the front in the large pack of boys. Carter Seyb, Jaydon Edgar, and Luis Ocampo were up next and close to Calan as well. Then not too far behind them, Kevin Cabrera and Julio Ruiz were running together. Calan, an 8th grader, came through as our first boy runner in a time of 15:24 for 4th place. Carter also came in 4th with a close finish in 7th grade at a time of 15:45. Both 8th graders, Jaydon and Luis placed in the top 15. Luis took 6th with a 16:17 and Jaydon finished 11th and had a time of 16:53. 8th grader, Julio placed 26th for a time of 24:40 with Kevin right behind him at 25:31 and 31st.


This meet is a tougher course to cheer at, but all of the fans found their way around and managed to cheer everyone on as our varsity girls began their race. Right off the bat, Chesney Peterson took the lead with Suzanne Farnham coming not too far behind her in the top five. In the middle of three small packs was Belle Batterton, in the second pack was Lexy Martinez, and in the next pack was Kenzington Nairn and Kourtney Hudgens running together. For our two JV girls, Kadence Hudgens started coming through in the midst of the JV girls with Cassandra Aleman not too far behind her.


Finishing first for Varsity girls was Chesney with a time of 19:58. Just barely missing 2nd but taking 3rd in 21:28 was Suzanne. Next up were Belle and Lexy just four seconds apart placing 21st and 22nd. Belle had a time of 24:38 and Lexy finished 24:42. Kourtney came in 24th place with a 24:43, just barely behind Lexy and another girl but beating a different girl 2 seconds behind her. Our final varsity girl finished at 24:52 and 26th place was Kenzington. As for our JV girls, Kadence earned a medal taking 9th and a 28:19. Then Cassandra came through at 30:44 and placed 14th.


By the time the JV boys race came, it was as muddy as it could get, the runners were flinging mud everywhere and the back of their legs and jerseys were covered in it. Edwin Molina took off in the lead packs with Ahearn Downing not too far down the road. Right after Ahearn passed, Luis Rodriguez came following through in another pack. Edwin medaled in 8th place with a time off 22:00.  Ahearn and Luis came in simultaneously not too soon after. Taking 13th and a time of 23:05 was Ahearn and then Luis finished at 23:41 and 15th place.


Even though it was still muddy, the sun was starting to come out and it was getting warmer for the Varsity boys race. Kamryn took off in the lead pack with several others going with him. In another large pack, Spencer Schmidt and Ryan Wenman were running together. Coming up next was Uziel Carrasco with Colton Adams just a short distance behind him. Our final runner, Brandon Robles was running up after them, just a little bit behind them.  


Taking first place both in the team and the race was Kamryn with a time of 17:31. Then both in the top ten was Spencer in 6th and a 18:53 and a time of 19:18 and 8th place for Ryan. About ten places back was Uziel for 19th finishing in 20:17. Colton came through next at 20:32 for 24th. Not too far behind him was Brandon in 45th place for a time of 22:40.


Due to the long course, many of the times are a little slow and different from their normal runs. Even though several of the runners had a rough day they all finished and ran hard. The Girls placed 3rd as a team to Southwestern Heights and Guymon while the boys placed 2nd to Guymon as well. Thank you for reading and keep coming out to cheer on the runners as the junior high prepare for their last couple races and the high schoolers are going to be coming to the most important races of the season.


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