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Art Club art show 2015

Stanton County Art Club Sponored 2nd Annual Art Show May 14th.  Community voted for one HS and one MS piece that was their personal favorite to win.  Prizes provied by Staton County Art club were as follows.

HS 1st Place $50 Hobby Lobby Card - Leonor Ramos

      2nd Place 91 piece Woood pencil and paint art set - Kylor Yohn

      3rd Place Sketchbook and pencils set- Bere Ayala 

      4th Place Sketchbook - Haley Parks

MS 1st Place $35 Hobby Lobby card- Luis Reyna

      2nd Place Sketch artist box set- Arnold Mendoza

      3rd Place Sketch book and pencils set Chloe Chenoweth

Art Club offers awards Young Artist awards to 

     HS Creative Doodling & Beyond book & kit  Carlee Gum 

     MS Tangle Art Drawing kit Karla Alman 

Extra-Curricular Art

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