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Summer Projects

Posted Date: 05/01/2018

                To continue to upgrade the safety and security of the district, Stanton County School Board of Education approved a new front door system that will be installed over the summer.  The new “Buzz In” system will be installed at the front entrance door of the elementary and junior/senior high schools.  Students, staff, parents, and community members will be able to enter the schools from 7:30 a.m. to 8:12 a.m. in the usual manner.  At exactly 8:12 a.m., each front door will lock automatically from a timer system.  If a student is late to school, he/she will have to push the buzzer by the front door, say their name, and the secretary can unlock the door for him/her to enter.  The student will proceed to the school office to get a Tardy Slip/Pass to take to the first hour teacher.  Any parent or community member visiting the school during the day will also push the buzzer located by the front door of the school and be “buzzed in” by the secretary.  Research shows this system helps ensure a safer school.  All other doors throughout the district should remain locked both day and night. 

                We also continue to add cameras inside and outside of the schools.  The shop area is the most recent area to have cameras installed, again, based on the security needs of the district.  Our construction classes are located both inside the building and outside the high school, depending on the class.  To help monitor students, staff, and visitors, we will have the camera connection to the high school office and be able to rewind the recording should we have any vandalism or any safety breaches.  More cameras are being installed in the elementary school to complete the security system in the building. Be sure to give a big Thank You to the District Technology Director, Donnie Morgan, for her expertise in recommending the latest safety and security features for the schools!

                The maintenance crews continue to have a long list of summer maintenance projects to upgrade and remodel areas of the district.  Here is a list of new projects for the summer of 2018:

Stanton County Elementary School

  • New lockers for grades 4-6 in the north hallway. 
  • New playground fence around the entire elementary playground and will eliminate the need for fields across the street to the east of the school.
  • New sprinkler system and grass for the elementary playground.  This should eliminate the stickers on the playground as well!
  • New carpeting in the north hallway and classrooms as a sound barrier and to cover outdated tile.
  • New classroom doors in north hallway that will have locks. 
  • The elementary gym windows will be covered and stucco matching the rest of the school will show on the outside.
  • Inside the elementary gym new sound-barrier tiles will add color and absorb the noise.
  • The cafeteria will also have new sound-absorbing panels installed.
  • The inactive heaters will be removed from the gym.
  • A remote system will be added to the basketball goal so it can be raised for school programs as well as the Trojan Bashes.
  • The office areas will be painted and new lighting installed.
  • In the teacher work room new lights will be added, the ceiling dropped, and a fresh coat of paint added.


Stanton County Junior/Senior High School

  • New large lockers will replace the outdated lockers in the hallways.  Backpacks and Chromebooks can easily fit inside the new lockers!
  • In the library, new electric posts will allow Chromebook charging stations.
  • New lockers will be installed in the girls’ locker rooms.
  • New lights will be installed in the girls’ locker rooms.
  • New paint in the girls’ locker rooms.
  • The band and vocal rooms will have sound-absorbing panels installed.
  • The band room will have a new white board to replace the chalkboard.
  • The pool area will have an area of new roof to cover the old skylights.
  • The pool area will be painted.
  • The pool area will have new sound absorbing panels installed.
  • The shop area sky lights will be covered with new roof surfacing.

Stanton County Middle School (The following projects began over Spring Break and are nearing completion.)

  • The old mascots have been removed from the north walls.
  • New paint in the gym.
  • The old curtains have been removed.  Blinds have been re-located to cover the windows.
  • Electrical outlets are being replaced for safety.
  • Handrails next to the bleachers will be installed as time allows at the end of the summer or ASAP for safety and accessibility.

                Many of these projects will be completed by the district maintenance staff and a few summer helpers.  When you see the following staff give them a Thank You for their hard work and expertise to complete the work in house that saves the district financially:

                Josh Tucker, Head of Maintenance

                Josh Allen, Asst. Head of Maintenance and Head of Transportation

                Homar Licon, Maintenance Dept.

                Finally, the next time you see a School Board Member, thank him or her for the time dedicated to making financially sound decisions pertaining to remodeling projects, along with all the ways their decisions advance the district!