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Mrs. Novack Looks Back

Posted Date: 03/22/2019

                As I reflect back on my four years as the Stanton County School Superintendent, there have been many highlights for me.  To begin, I absolutely enjoy every school day with the students and have built many lasting and positive relationships with them.  I look forward to watching our graduates succeed by reaching their life goals!  I am so proud of the teachers and staff and I consider them life-long friends.  I know Stanton County is a GREAT school district because of our students and staff! 

                The Grow Your Own Program has provided our district with two amazing building principals: Elementary Principal, Mrs. Andrea Jones and Junior/Senior High Principal, Mr. Trevor Siebert.  They are excellent school leaders!  Other Grow Your Own staff include three teachers and a school nurse.  My hope is that the district continues to recruit highly qualified local community members and recent graduates into our schools as teachers and leaders!

                I am proud of our Board of Education and their leadership shown through collaborative decision-making.  Their leadership has shown through hiring highly-qualified staff, offering new programs such as:  the Newcomer Program, At Risk Programs, ESOL Programs, along with more Pathways for high school students and on-line courses.  The BOE has been fiscally responsible by completely renovate the elementary school without a bond issue or placing any additional financial hardships on our local tax payers.  This summer, with the bathroom upgrades, the Stanton County Elementary School will be a safe, secure, modern facility; one that our students, parents, and patrons can be proud of for years to come!  The gyms throughout the district have been completely renovated and are now the showcases of the district.

                In the areas of safety and security, our schools are now equipped with “buzz in” systems at the main entrances of the schools and district offices.  This summer a final system will allow elementary students to “buzz in” from recess and high school students in construction/metals/woods classes to re-enter the school by contacting the office.  These additional systems allow our schools to be locked down at all times that school is in session and are important to the safety of our children and staff.  Security cameras have been installed throughout the schools as well as on our buses.   The elementary children now have a safe, secure playground that is fenced and is one they can enjoy for years to come!

                The district’s transportation fleet continues to be updated and maintained with the addition of a new activity bus, new Transport van, and new Driver’s Education car.  Future large purchases and renovations are all prioritized on a Strategic Plan for Capital Outlay so that the next superintendent and future Boards of Education have a seven-year plan for these purchases.  With a highly skilled Maintenance Department, the grounds and facilities are in excellent working condition and well-maintained!

                The Stanton County Elementary School was honored with a national reading award that shows the importance of our children learning and loving to read!  The students have continued to excel in sports programs, with new state champions being honored each year.  The district now has two State Championship signs to feature our state teams along with individual state champions.  I am proud to have been a part of all the achievements of Stanton County Schools and look forward to watching the district continue to achieve excellence in all areas as I retire! 

Best of wishes,

Kim Novack, Stanton County Superintendent of Schools, 2014-2019