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03-21-20 UPDATE from Mr. Horn

Posted Date: 03/21/2020

Stanton County residents, the USD #452 administration and BOE have met and have started planning for the education of all students of USD #452. It is the intent of the BOE and the administration to make the health and safety of all residents of our county it's top priority.

That means we will attempt to plan, organize and carry out our continuous learning plan virtually. We have no plans to bring staff or students back into our buildings in small groups. What that looks like is yet to be determined. The staff will be working on that this week.

Please look for a new update sometime on Tuesday. I want to remind you that every school in the area is developing their own learning plan. So if you hear another school is doing something and wonder if we are, remember if you don't see it on our website, Facebook or Twitter it doesn't apply to us. Rumors are flying around and in many cases they simply aren't true. It is official when the school posts it publically on our website or social media sites.