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FBLA “Be your own brand”

Posted Date: 01/24/2020


“Be your own brand”


By: Gladys Callejas




FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference 

A World of Opportunities

Future Business Leaders of America is a nationally recognized academic club. Five  Stanton County Highschool Fbla members had the opportunity to travel to Denver, Colorado for a National Fall Leadership Conference. Advisers and students participated in motivational general sessions, professional development, and career planning workshops. Besides the workshops, they interacted with new people who have the same passion for FBLA. They experienced fun learning activities throughout the city. Some may say this has impacted their lives and their future plans. This built shells in students that they wouldn’t learn in a classroom.

Speak Up

Every activity impacted the advisers and the students in a variety of ways. At the capital building, students had the chance of talking to a candidate running for Arizona State senate. Did you know the highest children traffic rate comes from those who are in the foster care systems? This topic taught the students to speak up, to stand up for what’s right, and take back the power the people have. Budget and social skills played a huge role in this trip. Buying food, cooking for others, being able to stay at a house and getting along. Seeing homeless people and how an urbane area works. Students stepped up and took the role of leadership when needed. Chants and cheers to this day are engraved in the advisers’ and students’ memories. Participating in the “rowdy crowd,”  taught the students about the traditions in finding Kansas and also how to take pride in our state. One tradition FBLA participates is in the March of Dimes they help improve the health of mothers and babies. Many college door opportunities opened up for the students.  Recruiters from different colleges made them realize the variety of options they can choose from. Garden of the Gods showed the students all the different types of art and culture created by nature. Students learned about safety and how not to be a target. Confidence was built within each student also giving them the opportunity to show their own uniqueness.   


  1. Conference (held: Sheraton Hotel)

FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference

  1. Downtown Aquarium

FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference

  1. Garden of the Gods

FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference




  1. 16th Street Mall

FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference

  1. Hard  Rock Cafe

FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference

(Madonnas Special Wall)

  1. Denver, Colorado Capital

FBLA National Fall Leadership Conference

(Running Candidate for Arizona Senate, “Is Your Government Saving or Harming our KIds?”)


Many doors opened for each FBLA member that got the chance to go on this trip. New and more activities will be coming from your Stanton County High School FBLA chapter. We hope to see new faces join FBLA!