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Mission Statement

U.S.D. #452 Strives for Educational Excellence For A Lifetime of Learning.

Board of Education Members

Chantry Scott Sheila Walker Brian Peterson
Wade Tucker  Chris Floyd Tyce McMillan
Matt Canny    





GOAL (A):    To create a relentless focus on student learning for all students


ACTION PLAN PURPOSE:   So that all students will be prepared for their next step after high school




Action Plan Strategy

Who’s Responsible









A1.) To increase the number of student eligible each week





A2.) To enrich the learning of students working at and above grade level

All secondary staff





All secondary staff, and  principal

Sept. 2017 through May 18, 2018

-Weekly Eligible list

-Student Improvement Team meetings with students, parents, and teachers

-Banking grades every three weeks to ensure timeliness


-Course options provided by counselor

-Differentiated lessons that provide re-teaching and enrichment options.


B) Individual Plans of Study implemented through Advisor Base system

Advisor Base Teachers, Sonja Gayer, and Jeri Howard


-Advisor Base implementation by staff with checklist to follow

-Monitoring each student’s IPS

-Counselor monitoring process







A) To enrich the learning of students working at and above grade level

All elementary staff and Andrea Jones

Sept. 2017 through May 18, 2018

-Baseline data from September of all local assessments to determine MTSS groups.

-Tier I students will receive instruction during MTSS time that is enrichment and allows student choices.

-Teachers at each grade level will provide the BOE with information pertaining to the enrichment lessons for the students.


B) Begin Individualized Plans of Study through Career Exploration at the 5/6th grade levels

5/6 Grade Teachers and Staff, Counselor and Principal

Jan, 2018 through May 18, 2018

-The elementary counselor, along with classroom teachers, will provide career exploration for 5/6 Grade Students through curriculum and guest presenters. (This curriculum will be moved from the 7th grade down to 5/6 grades.)









A) Relationships- Build positive relationships between Staff and Students

All District Staff and Students

Sept. 2017 through May 2020

Foundations baseline data from Spring 2017 pertaining to school culture and climate will be compared to data gathered during the 2017-2018 school year.  By analyzing the data, the staff can determine a Plan of Action.

Discussions during Staff In-Service days will provide information to keep progressing in the area of Relationships. 


B) Relevance- Lessons taught in the district will be made relevant for student learning

All District Teachers, Para-Educators and Administrators

Sept. 2017 through May 2020

Structured Walk Through data will set a baseline and help determine individual teacher goals, building goals, and district in-service.
















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