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Meade Cross County Meet - Madison Seyb

Posted Date: 09/13/2021

Meade Cross County Meet - Madison Seyb

         This year's first meet came and went, being one for the record books. The coaches claimed they had never seen something like it happen before. The skies were dark and stormy and there were stray lightning strikes in the distance. One of the few Meade races that hasn’t been in the burning heat, nearing a hundred degrees. The people directing the meet decided that the junior high race needed to be delayed for a little while and to speed the whole meet up they wanted all of the junior high to run together.

           It was a short race of 1 mile and all of them started off strong, running together. The first Stanton County runner heading towards the finish line was Carter Seyb placing 3rd in the 7th grade boys with a 6:29. Calan Sims wasn’t too far behind placing 6th with a 6:45 and then Luis Ocampo 10 seconds behind him with 10th and a 6:55, both placing for the 8th grade boys. Just after Luis went through, our first girl came through, Birdie Batterton, doing an amazing job she placed 1st for the 7th grade girls getting a time of 7:05. We then watched as two more boys came racing in 7th grade Nash Toole and 8th grader Jaydon Edgar, Jaydon barely beating Nash by one second with a 7:18 for 15th place in 8th grade to a 7:19 for 12th place in 7th grade. 

          Within the minute our second girl was coming through, another 7th grader Kenzi Ferringher with a 7:53 taking 4th. Then came Anoura Keen fighting to the finish with 7th place and an 8:24 for the 7th grade girls and Sarai, another 7th grader, took 11th and a 10:56.  Finishing us off the JH boys was 7th grader, Kevin Cabrera, taking 20th with a 10:14 and 8th grader, Julio Ruiz, taking 24th with a 10:28. Our last two girls, running together once again, were Rylee Polzin and Daisy Ruiz. Both 8th graders and great friends, Rylee got 16th place with a 11:03.0 and Daisy wasn’t even a full second behind her with a 11:03.9 and 17th place.

         When it was time for high school to start they still wanted the meet to run faster, so they had all of the high school run as a group too, boys and girls, JV and Varsity, all together. All of the high school stood together on the long starting line looking anxious to get this giant race started. They all start out fast, taking advantage of the slightly cooler air, so different from the previous years. Nearly a mile in, Kameryn Golub was fighting with the lead runner with Spencer Schmidt and Ryan Wenman not too far behind and Chesney Peterson was in first for the girls and right in the midst of all the boys. Behind Chesney were three boys, Colton Adams, Uziel Carrasco, and Brandon Robles, then Suzanne Farnham was between Chesney and a group of girls that had Kenzingon Nairin, Belle Batterton, Lauren Canny, and Lexy Martinez in it. Near the back of the group was Kadence Hudgens and Cassandra Aleman working together through the tough race.

        As they headed back up the course the Meade directors thought that the lightning was too close for comfort, and for the first time in Coach Horton's coaching career, they stopped the meet mid-race, with the runners having about ¾ of a mile left. They wanted everyone to take shelter and an hour later they would have to rerun the entire race. About 20 minutes from the second race, our high school runners came back out to start warming up once again. Like before they all stood in a big bunch on the line, maybe this time more anxious to get it over with than to start, but nevertheless, ready for a spectacular race. The gun went off and everyone took off.  They may have already run half of a hard race but they all still ran fast and well, keeping up with the rest of the runners.

        Everyone still ran nearly the same as the first race of not better and when they started coming in Kamryn Golub was still battling with the leader getting 2nd with a time of 10:35.  Coming in close for 5th place and a 11:29 was Spencer Schmidt and coming in first for our girls, beating nearly 40 of the boys, was Chesney Peterson with a 11:46. Our third runner for the boys came in not too far behind Chesney was Ryan Wenman with a 12:07 taking 13th with Colton Adams and Uziel Carrasco racing right behind him, Colton placing 16th and Uziel 17th for a 12:22 and a 12:24. Then for all of our boys placing in the top 20 came our final runner Brandon Robles taking 20th with a 12:47. Our second girl coming in for 3rd and a 13:20 was Suzanne Farnham and Kenzington Nairin running a great first race getting a 14:40 and 15th. Our next group of girls was all running together placing 21st, 22nd, and 23rd, Lauren Canny with a 15:14, Belle Batterton having a 15:30, and Lexy Martinez taking a 15:31. Cassandra Aleman ran really hard and fell not too far from the finish line, but still got up and finished showing great determination.

         When the results for the meet came in our boys placed 2nd to Liberal and our girls placed third as a team to Southwestern Heights and Liberal. Our boys and girls made it through one of the toughest meets of the season and all of them ran an amazing race even after having to run over half of a race beforehand. I hope you all come out to cheer our cross country team on at our next meet taking place at Tribune, September 11th, at 10:00.

Meade Meet Meade Meet

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