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KAY Club 2020-21

Melissa Crow Bolivar, Sponsor


What is KAY??

The KAY program is a student association unique to Kansas that empowers Kansas students with lifetime leadership skills and an attitude of service to others, with an emphasis on the four areas of service - school, community, nation and world.

 The KSHSAA proudly offers this activity to Kansas students, through its member schools, as a means to "make a world of difference" for current and future generations.


Today for Tomorrow Laugh, Love, Lift



Students who participate in activities like KAY tend to have higher grade point averages, better attendance records, lower dropout rates and few discipline problems. Activities also contribute greatly to school spirit and they help make school much more enjoyable.


The Kansas Association for Youth stresses group involvement and a “point system” has been devised to award any worthwhile project. It is hoped that participation by a large percentage of the members will develop an appreciation for their responsibilities as citizens in a democracy.




2020-2021 JH KAY Officers

    8th Grade Officers                        

    President-Anthony Martinez                             

    Vice President-Mia Miravete                         

    Secretary-Emily Ayala                    

    Treasurer/Reporter-Alejandra Solis

    7th Grade Officers     

   President-Galilea Don Juan

   Vice President-Jaydon Edgar

   Secretary-Ashley Rivas


       Yulianna Balderrama


2020-2021 Membership 

36 members & 8 officers.



  1. All members have been given their KAY t-shirts and should wear them when working concessions.
  2. Members are responsible for finding another KAY member to work their shift if they are unable to work. Changes have to be approved by sponsor before shift.

Parents: If you have questions please feel free to give me a call at the HS.  Melissa



BBALL ConcessionsDecember 4th    HS BB

December 18th  HS BB >Concessions & Bake Sale

January 5th, 2021   HS BB

February 2nd, 2021  HS BB

February 16th, 2021  HS BB


March 29th, 2021  HS Softball

April 6th, 2021  HS Track

April 16th, 2021  HS Softball

April 29th, 2021  JH Track

May 11th, 2021  HS Softball


Fall 2020

Fall 2020

The KAY Club together with Jami Snook, Activity Director at the Long Term Care Unit, brought fall inside for the residents. The KAY members enjoyed cutting out the leaves for Jami to use to decorate. . . .

Posted Date: 11/19/2020