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SCIGIRLS:  Science—for girls  
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For Kids!  Most of the materials on E-STAX are K-5.  Each book is multiuse (has unlimited copies) and works directly in the browser.  Several people could be reading the same book at the same time!

Teachers, Britannica does not restrict use of this product in any way.  Showing on the whiteboard to the whole class is fine! 

Access to the TumbleBook Library is provided to Stanton County Elementary School Library by an
Early Childhood Library Enhancement Grant through Building Blocks and Russell Child Developemtn Center, from the Kanss Children's Cabinet & Trust Fund to support early literacy in Southwest Kansas.



or Kids!  The graphic says K-5, but there are 3 levels here, elementary, middle and high.  Scroll over your selection and type your topic in the drop-down search bar, or just click on your selection to see categories.

Teachers, Your section includes a lesson plan builder, lesson plan browser, and resource categories (including Learning Games).







For Kids!  Featured on Explora Kids: Sept. 22 is Elephant Appreciation Day, September 17 is National Constitution Day, Measurement, Liliensternus (a dinosaur), and Earth.  Search for your topic and read all about it.

Teachers, you will appreciate the link "For Educators" at the top of the page. There are lesson plans, student tools, web links, and articles relevant to the profession. 

Or click here: Explora Teacher Resources